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May 2020

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The Gagliardi group develops novel quantum chemical methods and applies them to study phenomena related to sustainable energies, with special focus on chemical systems relevant to catalysis, spectroscopy, photochemistry, and gas separation. We are interested in modeling molecular species, materials, and interfaces. We explore actinide and transactinide chemistry, with the aim of understanding the chemical bonding in molecular species and the processes that govern the formation of actinide-based materials relevant to the spent nuclear fuel reprocessing. We also explore phenomena related to gas separation. Read more about the Gagliardi Group research on the research overview page.

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"Multiconfigurational Self-Consistent Field Theory with Density Matrix Embedding: The Localized Active Space Self-Consistent Field Method"

Synopsis: Density matrix embedding theory (DMET) is a fully quantum-mechanical embedding method which shows great promise as a method of defeating the inherent exponential cost scaling of multiconfigurational wave function-based calculations by breaking large systems into smaller, coupled subsystems. However, we recently [Pham et al. J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2018, 14, 1960.] encountered evidence that the approximate single-determinantal bath picture inherent to DMET is sometimes problematic when the complete active space self-consistent field (CASSCF) is used as a solver and the method is applied to realistic models of strongly correlated molecules.
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